Holistic face recognition by dimension reduction

Gül, Ahmet Bahtiyar
Face recognition is a popular research area where there are different approaches studied in the literature. In this thesis, a holistic Principal Component Analysis (PCA) based method, namely Eigenface method is studied in detail and three of the methods based on the Eigenface method are compared. These are the Bayesian PCA where Bayesian classifier is applied after dimension reduction with PCA, the Subspace Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) where LDA is applied after PCA and Eigenface where Nearest Mean Classifier applied after PCA. All the three methods are implemented on the Olivetti Research Laboratory (ORL) face database, the Face Recognition Technology (FERET) database and the CNN-TURK Speakers face database. The results are compared with respect to the effects of changes in illumination, pose and aging. Simulation results show that Subspace LDA and Bayesian PCA perform slightly well with respect to PCA under changes in pose; however, even Subspace LDA and Bayesian PCA do not perform well under changes in illumination and aging although they perform better than PCA.
Citation Formats
A. B. Gül, “Holistic face recognition by dimension reduction,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.