A Cognitive research on Ayaspaşa district, İstanbul: how the district boundaries are set by its inhabitants

Aslaner, Fatmagül


A Study on social sustainability: the case of doğanbey urban renewal project in Bursa
Hürol, Hatice Yasemin; Zelef, Mustafa Haluk; Department of Architecture (2014)
Sustainability in architecture is discussed mostly in terms of economic and environmental dimensions. However, this thesis mainly purposes to argue the issues taking part in determining social sustainability as a relatively independent area. This study includes the analysis of impacts of urban renewal projects carried out in existing urban areas which faces socially and culturally depression process within the whole city. Later on, this discussion will be concretized on the case study of Doğanbey Urban Rene...
A study on optimal policy surfaces: Continuous review inventory models
Muştu, Ahmet Tayfun; Erkip, Nesim; Department of Industrial Engineering (1994)
A research on long-term effects of state resettlement projects in vernacular settings in rural areas : The case of Yüzüncüyıl,Mudurnu
Demiröz, Gamze; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (1996)
Erbil, Yasemin; Yücel, Çigdem; Kizilkusak, R.Tugba (European Center of Sustainable Development, 2018-1-1)
Although straw-bale construction has been used for thousands of years, currently doesn't attract considerable attention by professional architects and students. The reason behind this is assumed to be the prejudices and lack of knowledge about straw-bale buildings. In the scope of this research understanding candidate architects point of view on the preference criterias that are effective about choice of straw-bale construction is aimed. For this purpose, among 214 students of private university (in Turkey)...
A sociological case study on the attitudes and behavior of students in urban Turkey
Ecevit, Mehmet Cihan (2005-09-01)
This research article examines relationships between health-promoting attitudes and behaviors of students in different urban, socioeconomic settings. A quantitative survey was carried out to compare attitudes and behaviors of Turkish adolescents in eighth-grade primary school. The survey results showed that socioeconomic status might be a predictor of student attitudes and behaviors and that poverty itself might serve as a measure adolescent health. There are positive and negative affects of socioeconomic s...
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F. Aslaner, “A Cognitive research on Ayaspaşa district, İstanbul: how the district boundaries are set by its inhabitants,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.