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Transformation and "Europeanization" of Greek political culture : the case of political parties between 1974-2000

Alkan, Hülya
This thesis analyses the ءdualistic̕ structure of Greek political culture formed by traditionalist and modernist wings in a historical context by concentrating on post-1974 era. The dissolution of the dictatorship in 1974 constituted a turning point both for Greek politics and Greek political culture. In this point, political parties played the key role in the process of transition and consolidation of democracy and reshaping Greek political culture. Accession into the EC was another historical step for Greek politics and political culture. Deepening of integration with the EC (EU) and Europeanization process has profoundly affected socio-political, economic structure and institutional modernization of Greece. Europeanization of Greece reformulated the hegemony struggle between traditionalist and modernist wings in favor of the latter. Especially, coming to power of Simitis with a pro-European understanding and ءmodernization̕ discourse reinforced the hegemony of modernist wing over the traditionalist one.