Software development for multi-level Petri Net Based Design Inference Nnetwork

Coşkun, Çağdaş
This thesis presents the computer implementation of a multi resolutional concurrent, design inference network, whose nodes are refined by PNDN (Petri Net Based Design Inference Network) modules. The extended design network is named as N-PNDN and consists of several embedded PNDN modules which models the information flow on a functional basis to facilitate the design automation at the conceptual design phase of an engineering design. Information flow in N-PNDN occurs between parent and child PNDN modules in a hierarchical structure and is provided by the token flow between the modules. In this study, computer implementation of the design network construction and token flow algorithms for the N-PNDN structure is restored and therefore the previous DNS (Design Network Simulator) is adapted for the multi layer design and decomposition of mechatronic products. The related algorithms are developed by using an object oriented, visual programming environment. The graphical user interface is also modified. The further developed DNS has been used for the application of the N-PNDN structure in the conceptual design of 5 mechatronic systems. In the guidance of this study, it has been understood that the further developed DNS is a powerful tool for designers coming from different engineering disciplines in order to interchange their ideas.
Citation Formats
Ç. Coşkun, “Software development for multi-level Petri Net Based Design Inference Nnetwork,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.