Dynamics of dam - reservoir interaction systems /

Öztorun, Namık Kemal


Dynamics of wall bounded turbulence /
Tuğluk, Ozan; Tarman, Işık Hakan; Department of Engineering Sciences (2005)
Dynamics of soil-pile interaction systems.
Kaymaz, M. Sakir; Department of Civil Engineering (1984)
Dynamics of structured populations and an optimal harvesting model
Ekici, Celil; Çelebi, Okay; Kaymakçalan, Billur; Department of Mathematics (1995)
Dynamics of Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks with Variable Two-Component Passive Decay Rates and Poisson Stable Inputs
Akhmet, Marat; Tleubergenova, Madina; Zhamanshin, Akylbek (2022-06-01)
Shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with continuous time-varying rates and inputs are the focus of this research. A new model is considered with compartmental passive decay rates which consist of periodic and Poisson stable components. The first component guarantees the Poisson stability of the dynamics, and the second one causes irregular oscillations. The inputs are Poisson stable to take into account the more sophisticated environment of the networks. The rates and inputs are synchronized to obt...
Dynamics of Hopfield-Type Neural Networks with Modulo Periodic Unpredictable Synaptic Connections, Rates and Inputs
Akhmet, Marat; Tleubergenova, Madina; Zhamanshin, Akylbek (2022-11-01)
In this paper, we rigorously prove that unpredictable oscillations take place in the dynamics of Hopfield-type neural networks (HNNs) when synaptic connections, rates and external inputs are modulo periodic unpredictable. The synaptic connections, rates and inputs are synchronized to obtain the convergence of outputs on the compact subsets of the real axis. The existence, uniqueness, and exponential stability of such motions are discussed. The method of included intervals and the contraction mapping princip...
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N. K. Öztorun, “Dynamics of dam - reservoir interaction systems /,” Middle East Technical University, 1983.