An architectural study on miniature parks and miniature models : Miniaturk

Osmanoğlu, Esin
This thesis is an architectural study surveying on miniature parks and miniature models exhibited in them and particularly focuses on Miniaturk - the first miniature park of Turkey- located in Istanbul. It is established as an environment containing a group of miniature models of buildings and landscapes, which display the variety, and richness of the cultural tradition of the previous and contemporary Anatolian civilizations, and especially Ottoman grandeur. In this study, it is argued that Miniaturk stands as a hybrid category between a museum, a public park and entertainment centre. Miniaturk is also conceived as an architectural environment providing a possible ground to discuss the conceptions, misconceptions and presuppositions about architecture in the popular realm and in the professional and disciplinary framework. Thereby, Miniaturk is investigated through the processes of its production including the initial design idea and all the stages of its construction. This study also tries to discuss the miniature models from different points of view. Whether they are considered as tools of architectural representation or not by the professionals, the popularity and the communicative advantage of these models can be used to arouse interest in the cultural and historical heritage as well as the contemporary architecture. The daily life of man on the street is strictly connected with architecture; therefore Miniaturk requires recognition as an environment for realization of these connections and relations.


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E. Osmanoğlu, “An architectural study on miniature parks and miniature models : Miniaturk,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2005.