As-cast property determination of gray cast irons by thermal analysis

Uysal, İlknur


A course content management system development and its usability
Kavaklı, Hamdi; Karaaslan, Hasan; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2004)
Effectiveness and usefullness among the important factors that affect success of online learning environments. During this study, a course-content management system developed regarding effectivity and usability related concerns. One major aim of this study is to develop effective and usable system. In this study, a course-content management system designed and developed under the light of previous researches. In the design phase, effective design strategies and characteristics of effective and usable learni...
One-pot synthesis of colloidally robust rhodium(0) nanoparticles and their catalytic activity in the dehydrogenation of ammonia-borane for chemical hydrogen storage
Ayvali, Tugce; Zahmakiran, Mehmet; Özkar, Saim (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2011-01-01)
Rhodium(0) nanoparticles stabilized by tert-butylammonium octanoate were prepared reproducibly from the reduction of rhodium(II) octanoate with tert-butylamine-borane in toluene at room temperature and characterized by ICP-OES, TEM, HRTEM, STEM, EDX, XRD, XPS, FTIR, UV-vis, B-11, C-13 and H-1 NMR spectroscopy and elemental analysis. These new rhodium(0) nanoparticles show unprecedented catalytic activity, lifetime and reusability as a heterogeneous catalyst in room temperature dehydrogenation of ammonia-bor...
An exeperimental behaviour of asphaltic mixtures under creep loading reference to a specific mix composition.
Al-Dulemi, Abid Mohammed; Yüce, Rüştü; Department of Civil Engineering (1988)
A method for robust design of products or processes with categorical response
Erdural, Serkan; Köksal, Gülser; Department of Industrial Engineering (2006)
In industrial processes decreasing variation is very important while achieving the targets. For manufacturers, finding out optimal settings of product and process parameters that are capable of producing desired results under great conditions is crucial. In most cases, the quality response is measured on a continuous scale. However, in some cases, the desired quality response may be qualitative (categorical). There are many effective methods to design robust products/process through industrial experimentati...
A method for robust design of products or processes with categorical response
Erişkin, Levent; Dolgun, Leman Esra; Köksal, Gülser (2021-01-01)
© 2021 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.In many industries, quality characteristics are measured as ordered categorical responses due to measurement difficulties, or for cost-effectiveness. Although various approaches have been proposed to find robust levels of product and process design parameters when the response variable is continuous, the literature presents a limited number of studies with their own drawbacks for the ordered categorical response case. Motivated by this, we propose an alternative approach t...
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İ. Uysal, “As-cast property determination of gray cast irons by thermal analysis,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.