Trusted mail gateway

Ayla, Erkut Sinan
The study aims to make contribution to solve mail security problems. The Trusted Mail Gateway provides a domain with the basic security services that are message integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, origin authentication and availability while message (e-mail) being delivered through the Internet. It generates S/MIME digital signatures and performs S/MIME encryption on behalf of the domain using secret key cryptography and public-key techniques and generating Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) data to provide origin authenticity, integrity and v confidentiality. It applies anti-virus control and protection, spam filtering and content check to both incoming mails to the domain and outgoing mails from the domain to prevent attacks against availability. Also, the Trusted Mail Gateway provides intra-domain security. It keeps e-mail messages in corresponding mailboxes as encrypted messages. Trusted Mail Gateway processes all the mails passing through and records processing results in database as notary information. Moreover, it establishes trust relations with other trusted domains and exchanges notary information with them via a secure channel.
Citation Formats
E. S. Ayla, “Trusted mail gateway,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.