Hermeneutics and the English school : Gadamer's hermeneutics and Wight's approach to international theory

Gülle, Muhammed Bahadır
This thesis attempts to discover the hermeneutic orientation of the English School̕s approach to international relations. It is argued that the English School approach has a distinctive interpretivist character. The thesis concentrates on the works of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Martin Wight. Martin Wight̕s anti-positivism, the historical character of his analysis of the traditions in international theory, and the centrality of language in his studies shows strong resemblance to Hans-Georg Gadamer̕s hermeneutics. The main purpose of this thesis is to show the relationship between the hermeneutics and the English School approach by discovering the common points between the thoughts of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Martin Wight.
Citation Formats
M. B. Gülle, “Hermeneutics and the English school : Gadamer’s hermeneutics and Wight’s approach to international theory,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.