Information systems for the evaluation of repair alternatives of earthquake damaged building structures

Ilıkkan, Süleyman


Information systems for the condition assessment and evaluation of bridge structures in Turkey
Cılız, Mustafa; Balkaya, Can; Department of Civil Engineering (2000)
Information system for visualizing user research to lead innovation
Töre Yargın, Gülşen (2012-08-09)
It is commonly accepted that user research has crucial benefits for the design process including its contribution to innovation processes. In order to lead innovation through user research, besides the content of the research, it is important that the delivery should be done effectively so that design strategies that result in innovation can be adopted in the design process and the findings can guide designers to create novel outputs. This paper aims to discuss the requirements for user research delivery th...
Information Requirements for Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Frames in Multiuser Environments
Anil, Engin Burak; Unal, Gokhan; Kurç, Özgür (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2012-07-01)
The design and detailing of reinforced concrete frames is a complex process that requires intensive real-time information exchange between various design tasks. The monolithic behavior of concrete, differences in the geometric representation of structural members during the analysis and design stages, and design code requirements throughout the process add new dimensions to the problem. Additionally, especially in large projects, reinforced concrete structures are designed and detailed by several engineers ...
Information requirements for earthquake damage assessment of structural walls
Anil, Engin Burak; Akinci, Burcu; Garrett, James H.; Kurç, Özgür (Elsevier BV, 2016-01-01)
The engineering analysis for determining the remaining seismic capacity of buildings following earthquakes requires performing structural calculations, observations of the actual damage, and applying extensive engineering judgment. Additionally, the analysis should often be performed under stringent time requirements. This study identifies the information requirements for representing the damage information and performing the visual damage assessment of structural walls. The damage descriptions for seven co...
Information-Theoretic Feature Selection for Human Micro-Doppler Signature Classification
Tekeli, Burkan; Gurbuz, Sevgi Zubeyde; Yüksel Turgut, Ayşe Melda (2016-05-01)
Micro-Doppler signatures can be used not only to recognize different targets, such as vehicles, helicopters, animals, and people, but also to classify varying activities, e.g., walking, running, creeping, and crawling. For this purpose, a plethora of features have been proposed in the literature; however, dozens of features are not required to achieve high classification performance. The topic of feature selection has been under addressed in micro-Doppler studies. Moreover, the optimal feature set is not st...
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S. Ilıkkan, “Information systems for the evaluation of repair alternatives of earthquake damaged building structures,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.