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The use of design consultancy for companies producing furniture on contract basis : the case of a medium sized company in Turkey

Bayer, Ülkü
Contract furniture which is manufactured depending on the client̕s design or specification requirements on a contract basis is executed in small and medium sized furniture companies in Turkey. This أone-of-a-kindؤ production organization provides component manufacturing opportunity to furniture SMEs via subcontracting. In this study, the use of design consultancy is investigated to understand how it should be used in the current organization, in order to implement this production system efficiently. This study also examines contract furniture production to have foresight for the development of furniture SMEs in Turkey. In a literature review, the generic context of contracting activities in relation to design activity is investigated. Methods of design consultancy use in product development processes are searched. Design consultancy in construction industry is examined Data about design and production capabilities of Turkish furniture SMEs is collected. Production planning processes of a contract furniture company was investigated and discussed in a case study. These two groups of data were compared in order to drive conclusions.