An examination of super resolution methods

Sert, Yılca Barış
The resolution of the image is one of the main measures of image quality. Higher resolution is desired and often required in most of the applications, because higher resolution means more details in the image. The use of better image sensors and optics is an expensive and also limiting way of increasing pixel density within the image. The use of image processing methods, to obtain a high resolution image from low resolution images is a cheap and effective solution. This kind of image enhancement is called super resolution image reconstruction. This thesis focuses on the definition, implementation and analysis on well-known techniques of super resolution. The comparison and analysis are the main concerns to understand the improvements of the super resolution methods over single frame interpolation techniques. In addition, the comparison also gives us an insight to the practical uses of super resolution methods. As a result of the analysis, the critical examination of the techniques and their performance evaluation are achieved.
Citation Formats
Y. B. Sert, “An examination of super resolution methods,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.