Inelastic deformation demands on moment-resisting frame structures

Metin, Aslı
Interstory drift ratio is an important parameter for the determination of the structural performance under strong ground motions. A probabilistic procedure is proposed in this study to estimate the inelastic maximum interstory drift ratio. The procedure considers the uncertainties associated with the strong ground motions and structural behavior. Elastic and inelastic response history analyses of reinforced-concrete, moment-resisting frames are used together with a near-fault strong ground motion data set to derive the probabilistic procedure. The elastic and inelastic response history analysis results are evaluated in a statistical manner to present the probabilistic approach proposed here. The method presented basically makes use of the fundamental mode properties of the frame systems and modifies the elastic maximum interstory drift ratio by a modifying factor that is determined from the idealized lateral strength capacity (pushover analysis) of the structure. As a part of this thesis, the performance of recently improved nonlinear static procedures that are used in estimating the deformation demands on structural systems are also evaluated using the single- and multi-degree-of-freedom response history analyses results obtained during the conduct of the study.
Citation Formats
A. Metin, “Inelastic deformation demands on moment-resisting frame structures,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.