From Delphi to scenario by using cluster analysis

Sakarya, Başak
In this thesis, the technologies that appeared to be strategic according to the Vision 2023 Technology Foresight Project were examined in terms of how they might form up technology clusters. This thesis aims to identify technology clusters in terms of common knowledge base and to use these clusters in future scenarios as a foresight tool. In this study, Vision 2023 Delphi survey respondents’ intersecting expertise levels in different fields were accepted as indicators of common knowledge base in these fields and technology clusters were formed up in this direction. In order to attain technology clusters, the appropriateness of hierarchical and nonhierarchical clustering methods and projection techniques were examined. Taking the clusters into consideration, Ward’s method revealed the healthiest results for our data set. Investigation of scenario building which had not been used in Turkey as a an effective foresight tool, forms the second step of this study. Scenario method was examined from a historical perspective and different approaches were investigated. Finally, using the technology clusters that were gained through Ward clustering, a scenario building study by scenario matrix was conducted as an example.


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B. Sakarya, “From Delphi to scenario by using cluster analysis,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.