Edge preserving smoothing with directional consistency

Sancar Yılmaz, Aysun
Images may be degraded by some random error which is called noise. Noise may occur during image capture, transmission or processing and its elimination is achieved by smoothing filters. Linear smoothing filters blur the edges and edges are important characteristics of images and must be preserved. Various edge preserving smoothing filters are proposed in the literature. In this thesis, most common smoothing and edge preserving smoothing filters are discussed and a new method is proposed by modifying Ambrosio Tortorelli approximation of Mumford Shah Model. New method takes into edge direction consistency account and produces sharper results at comparable scales.


Interactive volume rendering for medical images
Orhun, Koray; Mumcuoğlu, Ünal Erkan; Department of Information Systems (2004)
Volume rendering is one of the branches of scientific visualization. Its popularity has grown in the recent years, and due to the increase in the computation speed of the graphics hardware of the desktop systems, became more and more accessible. Visualizing volumetric datasets using volume rendering technique requires a large amount of trilinear interpolation operations that are computationally expensive. This situation used to restrict volume rendering methods to be used only in high-end graphics workstati...
Improving interactive classification of satellite image content
Tekkaya, Gökhan; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan; Department of Computer Engineering (2007)
Interactive classication is an attractive alternative and complementary for automatic classication of satellite image content, since the subject is visual and there are not yet powerful computational features corresponding to the sought visual features. In this study, we improve our previous attempt by building a more stable software system with better capabilities for interactive classication of the content of satellite images. The system allows user to indicate a few number of image regions that contain a...
Intra Prediction Based on Markov Process Modeling of Images
Kamışlı, Fatih (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013-10-01)
In recent video coding standards, intraprediction of a block of pixels is performed by copying neighbor pixels of the block along an angular direction inside the block. Each block pixel is predicted from only one or few directionally aligned neighbor pixels of the block. Although this is a computationally efficient approach, it ignores potentially useful correlation of other neighbor pixels of the block. To use this correlation, a general linear prediction approach is proposed, where each block pixel is pre...
ELA: an automated statistical fault localization technique
Bayraktar, Özkan; Betin Can, Aysu; Department of Information Systems (2015)
Software debugging consists of locating software faults, finding their causes, and fixing them. Among all these activities, the fault localization is the most difficult one and requires manual effort. Although there are several studies on automating this process, their effectiveness has not yet reached at a desired level. In this dissertation, we propose a fault localization framework that introduces a new fault localization metric called Ela, three test suite reduction strategies to improve the effectivene...
Mobility and power aware data interest based data replication for mobile ad hoc networks
Arslan, Seçil; Bozyiğit, Müslim; Department of Computer Engineering (2007)
One of the challenging issues for mobile ad hoc network (MANET) applications is data replication. Unreliable wireless communication, mobility of network participators and limited resource capacities of mobile devices make conventional replication techniques useless for MANETs. Frequent network divisions and unexpected disconnections should be handled. In this thesis work, a novel mobility and power aware, data interest based data replication strategy is presented. Main objective is to improve data accessibi...
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A. Sancar Yılmaz, “Edge preserving smoothing with directional consistency,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.