Strong decays of the DsJ (2317) mesons using QCD sum rules

Aydemir, Ufuk
Unexpected properties of recently discovered mesons DsJ(2317) and DsJ(2460) have caused an excitement in the high energy community. These mesons are under experimental study in BaBar, Belle and CLEO. The experimental data on these mesons is quite limited at the moment, but it is expected to be improved in the following years. The unexpected properties of these mesons, such as the low mass, and small width, have caused speculations about their structure. Various models have been proposed which go beyond the simple quark-antiquark picture of the mesons, such as a meson molecule, or a four-quark state. Therefore, understanding the underlying structure of these mesons can reveal a deeper understanding of QCD. In this thesis, the strong decay of the DsJ(2317) meson, DsJ(2317)--> Dspi0, is studied using three-point QCD Sum Rules method in the conventional cs framework. DsJ(2317) -> Dspi0 decay violates isospin symmetry. Therefore, this decay is studied as a two stage process; an isospin conserving DsJ(2317) --> Ds eta decay followed by the conversion of eta into a pi0 due to isospin violation.
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U. Aydemir, “Strong decays of the DsJ (2317) mesons using QCD sum rules,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.