Isolation and characterization of Leuconostoc species from Turkish kashar cheese

Canan Öden, Bige


Isolation and characterisation of antioxidant compounds in yellow rose root extract
Kyejussa, Yusuf; Çoruh, Nursen; Department of Chemistry (2009)
A phytochemical investigation on methanolic extract of roots of yellow rose led to the isolation of a catechin gallate. The crude extract first underwent fractionation using petroleum ether, chloroform, ethylacetate, butanol with water as solvents in their respective order. The emerging solvent fractions were subjected to further separation using lipophilic sephadex (LH-20), and silica gel column chromatography to isolate pure compounds. Analytical thin layer chromatography (TLC) was used to confirm the pre...
Isolation and partial characterization of aquatic bacteria from Lake Eymir
Zöğ Ay, Duygu; Ozan, Ayşegül; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Department of Biology (2001)
Isolation and immunological characterization of theta class glutathione-s-transferase gstt2-2 from bovine liver
İşgör, Sultan Belgin; Çoruh, Nursen; Department of Biochemistry (2004)
The glutathione-S-transferases (GSTs) (EC. are enzymes that participate in cellular detoxification of endogenous as well as foreign electrophilic compounds, function in the cellular detoxification systems and are evolved to protect cells against reactive oxygen metabolites by conjugating the reactive molecules to the nucleophile scavenging tripeptide glutathione (GSH, ?-glu-cys-gly). The GSTs are found in all eukaryotes and prokaryotic systems, in the cytoplasm, on the microsomes, and in the mitoch...
Isolation and Characterization of Elastase from Bacteria and Human Leukocyte
Kocabıyık, Semra (1993-07-04)
Isolation, characterization and immobilization of polyphenol oxidases from mulberry(morus alba) leaf tissues
Sutay, Didem; Bakır, Ufuk; Department of Chemical Engineering (2003)
In this study, the aim was to find an economical plant source for polyphenol oxidase (PPO) production as an alternative to mushroom and possible application areas by characterization and immobilization of the PPOs. For this purpose, tissues of various plants of no commercial value were screened for their PPO activities. Mulberry leaf tissues showed the highest PPO activity against 4-methyl catechol which was comparable to that of mushroom. Average Km and Vmax values of free mulberry leaf PPOs were found as ...
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B. Canan Öden, “Isolation and characterization of Leuconostoc species from Turkish kashar cheese,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.