Consumers' Perceptions of Partner Brand Dominance in Co-branded Products

Öztürk, Deniz
Co-branded products emerge when two or more brands combine their forces to create a new product with its own identity. More and more companies use cobranding strategy to reduce the risks inherent in creating new products. Moreover, consumers evaluate some of those products favorably. Understanding of consumers’ perceptions of co-branded products is important for learning the importance of product design on these products. This thesis explores the reasons why consumers perceive one of the partner brands of a co-branded product more dominant than the other and presents the outcomes of a survey study carried out for that purpose. The thesis comprises a two-part literature review on co-branding and brand dominance. The survey study comprises a questionnaire that is filled out by 48 Dutch participants. Through such a study the reasons of consumers’ perceptions of partner brand dominance were revealed; the strong influence of the fit between a partner brand and the co-branded product and product design on consumers’ perceptions of a dominant partner brand was evidenced. Moreover, the implications of gaining such an insight about the reasons of partner brand dominance for designers and brand owners were discussed.
Citation Formats
D. Öztürk, “Consumers’ Perceptions of Partner Brand Dominance in Co-branded Products,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.