On a conjecture of Herstein on Nil commutator ideals

Yazıcı, Nuran


On the isomorphic classification of the cartesian products of köthe spaces
Taştüner, Emre; Yurdakul, Murat Hayrettin; Department of Mathematics (2019)
In 1973, V. P. Zahariuta formed a method to classify the Cartesian products of locally convex spaces by using the theory of Fredholm operators. In this thesis, we gave modifications done in the method of Zahariuta. Then by using them, we studied the isomorphic classifications of Cartesian products of l^p and l^q type Köthe sequence spaces.
On the Poisson sum formula for analysis of EM radiation/scattering from large finite arrays
Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Chou, HT (1998-01-01)
A useful procedure, that has been described previously in the literature, employs the Poisson sum formula to represent the solution to the fields of a three-dimensional (3D) large periodically spaced finite planar array problem configuration as a convolution of the infinite planar periodic array solution and the Fourier transform of the equivalent aperture distribution over the finite array. It is shown here that the Poisson sum formula utilized by Felsen and Carin (see J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, vol.11, no.4, p.1...
On the generalizations and properties of Abramovich-Wickstead spaces
Polat, Faruk; Alpay, Şafak; Department of Mathematics (2008)
In this thesis, we study two problems. The first problem is to introduce the general version of Abramovich-Wickstead type spaces and investigate its order properties. In particular, we study the ideals, order bounded sets, disjointness properties, Dedekind completion and the norm properties of this Riesz space. We also define a new concrete example of Riesz space-valued uniformly continuous functions, denoted by CDr0 which generalizes the original Abramovich-Wickstead space. It is also shown that similar sp...
On the calculation of covariant expressions for Dirac bilinears
Olpak, M. A.; Özpineci, Altuğ (2021-09-01)
In this article, various approaches to calculate covariant expressions for the bilinears of Dirac spinors are presented. For this purpose, algebraic equations defining Dirac spinors are discussed. Following that, a covariant approach for spacetime parameterization is presented and the equations defining Dirac spinors are written fully in terms of Lorentz scalars. After presenting how the tensorial bilinears can be reduced to combinations of scalar bilinears with appropriate Lorentz structures, a covariant r...
On the Poisson sum formula for the analysis of wave radiation and scattering from large finite arrays
Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Chou, HT (1999-05-01)
Poisson sum formulas have been previously presented and utilized in the literature [1]-[8] for converting a finite element-by-element array field summation into an alternative representation that exhibits improved convergence properties with a view toward more efficiently analyzing wave radiation/scattering from electrically large finite periodic arrays. However, different authors [1]-[6] appear to use two different versions of the Poisson sum formula; one of these explicitly shows the end-point discontinui...
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N. Yazıcı, “On a conjecture of Herstein on Nil commutator ideals,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.