Development of an electronic attack (EA) system in multi‐target tracking

Türkçü, Özlem
In this study, an expert system based EA and tracking system is developed and the performances of these systems are optimized. Tracking system consists of a monopulse tracking radar and a Multiple Hypothesis Tracking (MHT) algorithm. MHT is modelled as a measurement‐oriented approach, which is capable of initiating tracks. As each measurement is received, probabilities are calculated for the hypotheses and target states are estimated using a Kalman filter. Range Gate Pull-Off (RGPO) is selected as an EA technique to be developed because it is accepted to be the primary deception technique employed against tracking radar. Two modes of RGPO technique; linear and parabolic, according to time delay controller are modelled. Genetic Algorithm (GA) Toolbox of MATLAB is used for the optimization of these systems over some predetermined scenarios. It is observed that the performance of the tracking radar system is improved significantly and successful tracking is achieved over all given scenarios, even for closely spaced targets. RGPO models are developed against this improved tracking performance and deception of tracking radar is succeeded for all given target models.
Citation Formats
Ö. Türkçü, “Development of an electronic attack (EA) system in multi‐target tracking,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.