Peculiarities of Turkish Planning History, its quality and problems, regarding planning-user equilibrium.Case study; Batıkent, Ankara

Sezer, Eray


Arnavutköy Tarihi Çevre Özellikleri
Nayır, Zeynep (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1978)
Arnavutköy is a small village on the Bosphorus. Due to its position and fresh-water springs, the site was a favourable spot since Roman times. In the fourth century, Byzantine emperor Constantius I (337-361) ordered the construction of a church dedicated to Archangel Michael. During the reign of Emperor Justinian the Great (527-565) this building was replaced by a new Michaelion, circular in plan and surrounded by a colonnaded courtyard. The village flourished until the attacks of the approaching Ottomans m...
Problems and Status of Sociology in Turkey
Hançer, Zuhal Yonca; Hançer, Zuhal Yonca; Department of Sociology (2004)
The main question of this study is the insufficient developed character of sociology in Turkey. In this study it is assumed that there are few factors that lead to this situation. Official ideology and its effects on sociology and university, the problems arisen from the discipline itself, the developing character of Turkey, and the conflict among sociologist academicians can be accepted as the factors that affect the sociology in Turkey. Related to this problem, in this study the opinions of academics soci...
Contemporary problems of legal system in Turkey from 1980s to the present
Yüksel, Mehmet; Mutlu, Kayhan; Department of Sociology (1999)
Problems of English language teacher education from the 4th year English teachers perspective
Eret, Esra; Ok, Ahmet (null; 2008-09-12)
Problems of water management in post-Soviet Central Asia
Şamlı, Emre; Köksal, Pınar; Department of Eurasian Studies (2017)
This thesis examines the water-related problems that took place among the Central Asian Republics when the centrally-managed ‘water-energy nexus’ broke down with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The problems in the region are analyzed in terms of the two transboundary waters of Amu Darya and Syr Darya. While Tajikistan wants to build the Rogun Dam on Amu Darya, Kyrgyzstan tries to establish the Kambarata Dam-1 on Syr Darya. However, these attempts have been criticized by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan becaus...
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E. Sezer, “Peculiarities of Turkish Planning History, its quality and problems, regarding planning-user equilibrium.Case study; Batıkent, Ankara,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.