Foreign language medium education in secondary schools in Turkey

Görgülü, Banu


Foreign language education policy in practice: English as a foreign language instruction at a public high school in Turkey
Yeni Palabıyık, Pınar; Daloğlu, Ayşegül; Department of English Language Teaching (2021-10)
The main aim of this study was to investigate the alignment between English-as-a-foreign-language instruction implemented at a public high school and the explicit policies set for teaching English at the macro-level. In particular, the classroom-level realization of the instructional policy was examined. A qualitative case study was adopted as a research design. Junior year students and their English-as-a-foreign-language teachers were the participants. Using ethnographic methods, data were gathered through...
Foreign Language Teacher Education: The Polish Case
Akar, Hanife (2009-01-01)
Foreign Language Teacher Training Colleges (FLTTC) were established in Poland as an answer to the need for drastic changes in education in 1992. By the year 2001, FLTTC had managed to graduate the number of teachers the market demanded, yet the quality of these programs was questioned. This paper presents an in-depth understanding of the impact of FLTTC on teacher candidates' learning and development, as described by the participants, and the challenges that FLTTC faced during its early development process....
Foreign language medium instruction and bilingualism the analysis of a myth
Kırkıcı, Bilal (2004-01-01)
The present study discusses the potential effects of learning and using more than one language (i.e., bilingualism) on the bilingual child in relation to the prevailing discussion on foreign language-medium instruction in Turkey. It is shown that, in contrast to popular beliefs in the society and findings obtained in the early stages of the 20th century, bilingualism does not appear to be an obstacle to the bilingual child, but may act as a facilitating trait in many respects, including the bilingual child'...
Foreign Language Anxiety's Forgotten Study: The Case of the Anxious Preservice Teacher
Tum, Danyal Oztas (2015-12-01)
This article argues that nonnative preservice teachers are just as susceptible to foreign language anxiety as are inexperienced language learners, a claim carrying important implications for the EFL classroom. The results of the study described in this article indicate that anxious preservice teachers experience significant levels of language anxiety to a degree that may cause them to avoid using the target language and language-intensive teaching practices in their classrooms. The article also proposes ste...
Higher Education for forcibly displaced migrants in Turkey
Kondakçı, Yaşar; Zayim Kurtay, Merve; Kaya Kaşıkcı, Sevgi; Şenay, Hanife Hilal; Kulakoğlu, Büşra (2022-01-01)
© 2022 HERDSA.Higher education (HE) provides a unique opportunity to accomplish social and economic integration and mitigate the impact of displacement for forcibly displaced migrants (FDMs) in the long run. Against this backdrop, the purpose of the study is to explore the HE experiences of Syrian FDMs in Turkey. Utilizing snowball sampling, 24 FDMs in Turkey were interviewed. The results suggested that for the FDMs, HE was a mechanism for reconstructing their lives. However, they faced several challenges b...
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B. Görgülü, “Foreign language medium education in secondary schools in Turkey,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.