Time-triggered controller area network (ttcan) communication scheduling: a systematic approach

Keskin, Uğur
Time-Triggered Controller Area Network (TTCAN) is a hybrid communication paradigm with combining both time-triggered and event-triggered traffic scheduling. Different from the standard Controller Area Network (CAN), communication in TTCAN is performed according to a pre-computed, fixed (during system run) schedule that is called as TTCAN System Matrix. Thus, communication performance of TTCAN network is directly related to structure of the system matrix, which makes the design of system matrix a crucial process. The study in this thesis consists of the extended work on the development of a systematic approach for system matrix construction. Methods for periodic message scheduling and an approach for aperiodic message scheduling are proposed with the aim of constructing a feasible system matrix, combining three important aspects: message properties, protocol constraints and system performance requirements in terms of designated performance metrics. Also, system matrix design, analyses and performance evaluation are performed on example message sets with the help of two developed software tools.
Citation Formats
U. Keskin, “Time-triggered controller area network (ttcan) communication scheduling: a systematic approach,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.