Unfair usage of trademarks via internet

Kırcı, N. Berkay
One of the aims of thesis is to examine and describe current trademark law in Turkey and point out the fact that an excessive trademark protection is being implemented and that this kind of a protection does not automatically bring wealth to Turkey. Main aim of this thesis is to point out the fact that new circumstances of unfair usage of trademarks occured with the introduction of the internet and that important problems between the trademark law, which is of national character, and the internet, which does not have any limits arised in settlement of disputes. Another aim is to point out that, currently, there is no agreed legal text regulating in detail the circumstances of unfair use of mark via Internet both at international and national levels. In this context, basic concepts of current trademark law, birth and development of information and communications technologies and in this respect, the Internet, effect of Internet to current social structure and changes caused therein, national and international steps taken in this context, the question whether unfair usage of trademarks could be examined within current legal framework, problems arising from the differences between Internet and Trademark Law also discussed.
Citation Formats
N. B. Kırcı, “Unfair usage of trademarks via internet,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.