Molecular design of some potential explosives

Atalar, Taner
With existing energetic materials, the on going demand from the user for increased performance with reduced vulnerability induces the synthesis of novel explosives. The need to control costs ensured that theoretical methods can help to eliminate any poor candidates due to performance and safety problems. Thus, this study is aimed to design of some potential high explosive molecules which have high detonation properties and are also insensitive. Presently 65 molecules were studied and 54 of them were handled for the first time in the literature. The detonation properties have been evaluated within the limitations of the Kamlet-Jacobs equations, based on the quantum chemically calculated densities and heat of formation values. It is found that there might be some candidates of relatively insensitive and high energy density materials among these 54 studied molecules so far not mentioned in the literature.
Citation Formats
T. Atalar, “Molecular design of some potential explosives,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.