The architect : “Vedat Dalokay” as a social agent

Suzan, Burcu
This study intends to present a critical outlook to the position of an architect: “Vedat Dalokay” as a social agent. In this respect, it examines him through his multidimensional identity. Within this framework, the purpose is to interpret Dalokay, who formed his identity as a practicing architect, an administrator, a mayor, a politician, a writer and a literature admirer. In this respect, the thesis questions his unique personal standpoint in terms of: commodity production (as a typical member of the society reproducing the system), creative agency (caused by the architecture’s already existing capacity of symbolic representation with the architectural object) and social agency (generating projects for the construction of the community). Focusing on these dimensions, the survey proceeds over this togetherness, in order to decipher the role of Vedat Dalokay as a “catalyst” in the social transformation processes, in the light of social, economic and political conditions of Turkey.
Citation Formats
B. Suzan, “The architect : “Vedat Dalokay” as a social agent,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2008.