Computation of core losses in three phase smooth rotor induction motors using finite element method

Pirgaip, Murat


Computation of drag force on single and close-following vehicles
Örselli, Erdem; Çetinkaya, Tahsin Ali; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2006)
In this study, application of computational fluid dynamics to ground vehicle aerodynamics was investigated. Two types of vehicle models namely, Ahmed Body and MIRA Notchback Body and their scaled models were used. A commercial software "Fluent" was used and the effects of implementing different turbulence models with wall functions were observed. As a result, an appropriate turbulence model was selected to use in the study. The drag forces, surface pressure distributions and wake formations were investigate...
Computation of radar cross sections of complex targets by physical optics with modified surface normals
Durgun, Ahmet Cemal; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2008)
In this study, a computer code is developed in MATLAB® to compute the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of arbitrary shaped complex targets by using Physical Optics (PO) and Modified PO. To increase the computational efficiency of the code, a novel fast integration procedure for oscillatory integrals, called Levin’s integration, is applied to PO integrals. In order to improve the performance of PO near grazing angles and to model diffraction effects, a method called PO with Modified Surface Normal Vectors is implem...
Computation of thermal fracture parameters for orthotropic functionally graded materials using J(k)-integral
Dağ, Serkan; YILDIRIM, BORA (Elsevier BV, 2010-12-15)
This article introduces a computational method based on the J(k)-integral for mixed-mode fracture analysis of orthotropic functionally graded materials (FGMs) that are subjected to thermal stresses. The generalized definition of the J(k)-integral is recast into a domain independent form composed of line and area integrals by utilizing the constitutive relations of plane orthotropic thermoelasticity. Implementation of the domain independent Jk-integral is realized through a numerical procedure developed by m...
Computation of viscous transonic airfoils and dynamic stall
Dindar, Mustafa; Kavsaoğlu, Mehmet Ş.; Department of Aeronautical Engineering (1990)
Computation of Discharge and Critical Depth in Compound Channels
Tokyay, Nuray (1994-03-25)
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M. Pirgaip, “Computation of core losses in three phase smooth rotor induction motors using finite element method,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.