Parametric investigation of spray characteristics using interferometric particle imaging technique

Öçer, Nuri Erkin
Spray is an efficient tool in the usage whose primary objectives are to obtain droplets with increased liquid surface area and more dispersed liquid over a larger volume. The determination of spray characteristics has been a topic of extensive research recently. In the present investigation, the flow structure of a spray issuing from an oil burner nozzle was determined in a parametrical manner. The main tool in the experimental research is the Interferometric Particle Imaging (IPI) configuration. This method exploits the interference between light reflected from and refracted through individual transparent spray droplets which are illuminated by a laser light sheet in a wide angle forward-scatter region. Based on a scattering theory, the droplet diameter of spray particles can be related to the light pattern scattered from that particle. In addition, using double-framed images also enables the calculation of velocities associated with these particles. In this way, as a representation of spray structure, the droplet size and velocity distributions were obtained prior to a change in the primary parameters of liquid flow e.g. surface tension, viscosity, density and the injection pressure. The evolution of spray characteristics in space were also examined by conducting measurements in different radial and axial locations relative to spray centerline.
Citation Formats
N. E. Öçer, “Parametric investigation of spray characteristics using interferometric particle imaging technique,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.