Pseudospin symmetry and its applications

Aydoğdu, Oktay
The pseudospin symmetry concept is investigated by solving the Dirac equation for the exactly solvable potentials such as pseudoharmonic potential, Mie-type potential, Woods-Saxon potential and Hulthén plus ring-shaped potential with any spin-orbit coupling term $\kappa$. Nikiforov-Uvarov Method, Asymptotic Iteration Method and functional analysis method are used in the calculations. The energy eigenvalue equations of the Dirac particles are found and the corresponding radial wave functions are presented in terms of special functions. We look for the contribution of the ring-shaped potential to the energy spectra of the Dirac particles. Particular cases of the potentials are also discussed. By considering some particular cases, our results are reduced to the well-known ones presented in the literature. In addition, by taking equal mixture of scalar and vector potentials together with tensor potential, solutions of the Dirac equation are found and then the energy splitting between the two states in the pseudospin doublets is investigated. We indicate that degeneracy between members of pseudospin doublet is removed by tensor interactions. Effects of the potential parameters on the pseudospin doublet splitting are also studied. Radial nodes structure of the Dirac spinor are presented.
Citation Formats
O. Aydoğdu, “Pseudospin symmetry and its applications,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.