Flicker source identification at a point of common coupling of the power system

Altıntaş, Erinç
Voltage fluctuations under 30 Hz in the electricity grid, leads to oscillations in the light intensity that can be perceived by human eye, which is called flicker. In this thesis, the sources of the flicker at a point of common coupling is investigated. When there are more than one flicker sources connected to a PCC, individual effects of each flicker source is determined by using a new method which depends on the reactive current components of the sources. This method is mainly based on the flickermeter design defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), but uses the current variations in addition to the voltage variations to compute flicker. The proposed method is applied to several different types of loads supplied from a PCC and their flicker contributions on the busbar are investigated. Experiments are performed on field data obtained by the power quality analyzers (PQ+) developed by the National Power Quality Project and the method has been found to provide accurate results for flicker contributions of various loads. The PQ+ analyzers with the proposed flicker contribution detection algorithm are called Flicker Contribution Meters (FCM) and they will be installed at the points of the Turkish Electricity Transmission Network when required.


Series active filter design, control, and implementation with a novel load voltage harmonic extraction method
Şentürk, Osman Selçuk; Hava, Ahmet Masum; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
Series Active Filters (SAF) are designed for harmonic isolation and load voltage regulation of single-phase and three-phase voltage harmonic source type nonlinear loads. The novel Absolute Value Method (AVM) for load voltage harmonic extraction is proposed and applied in the control algorithm of SAF. The SAF compensated systems are represented by simplified linear models such that SAF controller gains can be easily determined. Harmonic isolation and load voltage regulation performances of 2.5 kW single-phas...
Optimizing transient and filtering performance of a C-type 2nd harmonic power filter by the use of solid-state switches
Gerçek, Cem Özgür; Ertaş, Arif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
In this research work, the performance of a C-type, 2nd harmonic power filter is optimized by the use of a thyristor switched damping resistor. In the design of conventional C-type, 2nd harmonic filters; the resistance of permanently connected damping resistor is to be optimized for minimization of voltage stresses on filter elements arising from switchings in transient state and for maximization of filtering effectiveness in the steady-state. Transformer inrush current during energization of power transfor...
Continuation power flow and voltage stability in power systems
Keskin, Mehmet B; Ertaş, Arif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
This thesis investigates an important power system phenomenon, voltage stability, by using continuation power flow method. Voltage collapse scenario is presented which can be a serious result of voltage instability and the parameters that affect voltage collapse are discussed. In analyzing power system voltage stability, continuation power flow method is utilized which consists of successive load flows. This method is applied to a sample test system and Turkish Power System and load-voltage curves for sever...
Adaptive controller based on grid impedance estimation for stable operation of grid-connected inverters under weak grid conditions
Temiz, Hakan; Keysan, Ozan; Demirok, Erhan (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2020-10-01)
An electric grid having high impedance seen from the connection point is considered as a weak grid and it adversely affects the system stability of grid-tied voltage source inverters in renewable power devices. In this study, an adaptive controller is proposed by configuring the settling time of the phase-locked loop based on the estimated grid impedance. Pseudorandom binary sequence injection and Fourier techniques are carried out for grid impedance estimation. Impedance-based stability analysis is perform...
Design and implementation of a voltage source converter based hybrid active power filter
Uçak, Onur; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
This research work is devoted to the analysis, design and implementation of a shunt connected Hybrid Active Power Filter by the use of a lower rated voltage source PWM converter, and a series connected LC passive filter. In recent years, voltage and current harmonics have become a serious problem both in transmission and distribution systems, due to the widespread usage of non-linear loads such as diode/thyristor rectifiers, electric arc furnaces and motor drives. In order to obtain a better performance tha...
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E. Altıntaş, “Flicker source identification at a point of common coupling of the power system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.