Agglomeration as innovation dynamics : a case study in Adana and Mersin

Yünsel, Dilşad Türtük
In the last decades, the globalisation process has reshaped the competition dynamics in two ways: Technology and innovation have become significant components of productivity and competition; and policies taking into consideration local resources and local production systems, gains ground. In that context, clusters appear as new organisations of production. This thesis aims at assessing the innovation performance of the firms and the factors affecting their performance by comparing agglomerated and non-agglomerated firms in the TR62 (Adana, Mersin) Region. Adana Organised Industrial Zone (AOSB) and Mersin-Tarsus Organised Industrial Zone (MTOSB) are selected as agglomeration examples in the region to study the effects of spatial proximity on innovativeness. It is found that local specific policies such as the establishment of an integrated system for cooperation and competition are needed to improve the innovation and competition capacity of the region.
Citation Formats
D. T. Yünsel, “Agglomeration as innovation dynamics : a case study in Adana and Mersin,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.