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Patents and innovation in pharmaceutical industry in Turkey : the comparision of patent system with some selected countries

Özdemir, Tuncer Elif
The aim of this thesis is to make policy recommendations for Turkey in order to facilitate innovative activities resulting in more patent applications in pharmaceutical industry through comparing her with the selected countries; USA, EU, Japan, India, China and Korea. The comparison is performed in terms of the patent, research and development (R&D) expenditures and basic research. This study begins with firstly indicating the relationship between patents and innovation in sector basis. When it is looked at this relationship patents are the most necessary tool for pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, in the main part of the thesis the patents and innovations in pharmaceutical sector are analyzed mostly. However, this analysis is not done in all aspects but it is done in terms of research and development expenditures and basic research. Patent is mainly a result of research and development activities. Besides, basic research is also effective in making innovations and so in patent system. Because of these reasons, the relationship between patents and innovations in pharmaceutical industry are covered in terms of these two aspects-R&D expenditures and basic v research-. These relationships are analyzed in country level. In this thesis, in order to see the right route for Turkey and give some advises to Turkish patent and innovation system especially in pharmaceutical industry Turkey is compared with USA, EU, Japan, China, India and Korea. The reason to take USA, EU and Japan is that, these countries are developed countries, the biggest patent offices in the world are in these countries and the number of patent applications is the highest in the offices of these countries. On the other hand, China, India and Korea are taken as subject to the comparison because these countries are developing countries like Turkey and the development levels of these countries are not too higher than Turkey. In this thesis, through comparing Turkey with the selected countries, some policy recommendations are done for Turkey and this thesis may open door to further studies on the patent and innovation system of Turkey especially in pharmaceutical industry.