A critical review of the tools & techniques used in coastal planning: case study Muğla-Gökova special environmental protection area

Yusufoğlu, Ayça
A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE TOOLS & TECHNIQUES USED IN COASTAL PLANNING: CASE STUDY MUGLA-GÖKOVA SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AREA Yusufoğlu, Ayça M. S., Programme of City Planning Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serap Kayasü June 2010, 119 Pages This study focuses on the issue of coastal area management in terms of planning techniques and tools as well as legal aspects necessary in order to clarify the components of a successful coastal area planning process. It has been emphasized that planning of the coastal area should be performed within the context of integrated policy mechanism considering maintance of biodiversity, public participation and, promoting diversification among coastal related economic uses such as tourism, aquaculture, fishing. The thesis haS been grouped into according to definitions of coastal area, coastal planning and legislation, institutions, organizations, international commisions regarding coastal areas and Gökova Special Environment Protection Area from the perspective of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM). The case section of the thesis formed by five phases of Gökova SEPA 1/25.000 scaled Environmental Relation Plan in order to achieve ICM. Also, this is the first study performed by the reviewing of the tools and techniques used in the Gökova SEPA towards Integrated Coastal Management approach.


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A. Yusufoğlu, “A critical review of the tools & techniques used in coastal planning: case study Muğla-Gökova special environmental protection area,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.