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Hayes, Kenneth Title The wooden hypostyle mosques of Anatolia: mosque- and state-building under Mongol suzerainty

Hayes, Kenneth
This dissertation examines five wooden hypostyle mosques built in Anatolia during the second half of the seventh/thirteenth century: the Sahip Ata Cami in Konya (656/1258); the Ulu Camis of Afyon (671/1272) and Sivrihisar (673/1274-75); the Ahi Şerefettin Cami in Ankara (689/1289-90); and the Eşrefoğlu Cami in Beyşehir (696-698/1296-99). It aims primarily to explain how the condition of suzerainty prevailing after the Mongol Conquest in 641/1243 lead to the introduction of a new, wooden type of construction and caused it to proliferate. The dissertation employs a cultural-mode-of-production analysis to understand the circumstances of the type’s introduction, with special emphasis on the place of wood in Islamic sacred building, the crisis of Islam after the Conquest, the cultural parameters of Seljuk patronage and the character of Mongol suzerainty.