Identification of inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate(IP) receptors in wheat(triticum aestivum)

Maki, Nazlı


Analysis of 3-d grain burnback of solid propellant rocket motors and verification with rocket motor tests
Püskülcü, Gökay; Ulaş, Abdullah; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2004)
Solid propellant rocket motors are the most widely used propulsion systems for military applications that require high thrust to weight ratio for relatively short time intervals. Very wide range of magnitude and duration of the thrust can be obtained from solid propellant rocket motors by making some small changes at the design of the rocket motor. The most effective of these design criteria is the geometry of the solid propellant grain. So the most important step in designing the solid propellant rocket mo...
Characterization of a candidate effector of wheat yellow rust targeting chloroplast with a novel transit peptide
Andaç, Ayşe; Akkaya, Mahinur S.; Gür Dedeoğlu, Bala; Department of Biotechnology (2019)
Fungal pathogen, Puccinia striiformis f. sp. trtici, is the causative agent of stripe disease of wheat which causes disruption on wheat yield in many parts of the world. Fungal pathogens secrete effector molecules into host plant cells to suppress host immunity via virulence to colonize plants. Ongoing efforts are being made to identify and characterize effector proteins in many fungal plant pathogens. Nevertheless, the precise biological and biochemical functions of many effectors, such as their traffickin...
Determination of genes involved in the yellow rust disease of wheat
Bozkurt, Osman; Kocabıyık, Semra; Department of Biotechnology (2007)
It is important to understand the underlying plant defense mechanisms in order to establish best strategies to reduce losses due to diseases in cereals. The current available information is mostly on model organisms and their plant-pathogen interactions. However, this study is focused on the identification of genes involved in the resistance mechanism of one of the most devastating diseases of wheat, yellow rust. The strategy undertaken was to use differential display method (DD) together with microarray te...
Computation of external flow around rotating bodies
Gönç, L. Oktay; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
A three-dimensional, parallel, finite volume solver which uses Roe's upwind flux differencing scheme for spatial and Runge-Kutta explicit multistage time stepping scheme for temporal discretization on unstructured meshes is developed for the unsteady solution of external viscous flow around rotating bodies. The main aim of this study is to evaluate the aerodynamic dynamic stability derivative coefficients for rotating missile configurations. Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) formulation is adapted to the ...
Identification of computational hot spots in protein interfaces: combining solvent accessibility and inter-residue potentials improves the accuracy
Tunçbağ, Nurcan; Keskin, Ozlem (2009-06-15)
Motivation: Hot spots are residues comprising only a small fraction of interfaces yet accounting for the majority of the binding energy. These residues are critical in understanding the principles of protein interactions. Experimental studies like alanine scanning mutagenesis require significant effort; therefore, there is a need for computational methods to predict hot spots in protein interfaces.
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N. Maki, “Identification of inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate(IP) receptors in wheat(triticum aestivum),” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1998.