A low cost stereo based 3D slam for wearable applications

Şaka, Mustafa Yasin
A wearable robot should know its environment and its location in order to help its operator. Wearable robots are becoming more feasible with the development of more powerful and smaller computing devices and cameras. The main aim of this research is to build a wearable robot with a low cost stereo camera system which explores a room sized unknown environment online and automatically. To achieve 3D localization and map building for the wearable robot, a consistent visual-SLAM algorithm is implemented by using point features in the environment and Extended Kalman Filter for state estimation. The whole system includes camera models and calibration, feature extraction, depth measurement and Extended Kalman Filter algorithm. Moreover, a map management algorithm is developed. This algorithm keeps the number of features spatially uniform in the scene and adds new features when feature number decreases in a frame. Furthermore, a user-interface is presented so that the location of the camera,the features and the constructed map are visualized online. Most importantly, the system is conducted by a low-cost stereo system.
Citation Formats
M. Y. Şaka, “A low cost stereo based 3D slam for wearable applications,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.