Multiple criteria sorting methods based on support vector machines

Duman, Aslı
This study addresses sorting problems with predefined ordinal classes. We develop a new method based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) model, which is mainly used for nominal binary or multi-class classification processes. In the proposed method, the SVM model is extended to include the preferences of the decision maker and the ordinal relationship between classes in sorting problems. New sets of constraints are added to the SVM model. We demonstrate the performance of the proposed method through several data sets. We compare the results with those of classical SVM model and UTADIS method, a well-known multiple criteria sorting method. We also analyze the effect of feature space mapping by Kernel Trick utilization on the results.
Citation Formats
A. Duman, “Multiple criteria sorting methods based on support vector machines,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.