Multiple criteria sorting methods based on support vector machines

Duman, Aslı
This study addresses sorting problems with predefined ordinal classes. We develop a new method based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) model, which is mainly used for nominal binary or multi-class classification processes. In the proposed method, the SVM model is extended to include the preferences of the decision maker and the ordinal relationship between classes in sorting problems. New sets of constraints are added to the SVM model. We demonstrate the performance of the proposed method through several data sets. We compare the results with those of classical SVM model and UTADIS method, a well-known multiple criteria sorting method. We also analyze the effect of feature space mapping by Kernel Trick utilization on the results.


Multidimensional assortment problem with an application
Tripathy, A; Süral, Haldun; Gerchak, Y (1999-05-01)
This paper addresses the discrete multidimensional assortment problem. Assortment issues arise frequently in practice as an important design and inventory problem which simultaneously seeks the answers to two related questions: (a) Which items (or sizes of a product) to stock? (b) How much of each to stock? its discrete multidimensional version concerns itself with choosing sizes from among a discrete set of possible ones with each size being characterized by more than one dimension. Our research is motivat...
Generalized bent functions with perfect nonlinear functions on arbitrary groups
Yılmaz, Emrah Sercan; Özbudak, Ferruh; Department of Cryptography (2012)
This thesis depends on the paper ‘Non-Boolean Almost Perfect Nonlinear Functions on Non- Abelian Groups’ by Laurent Poinsot and Alexander Pott and we have no new costructions here. We give an introduction about character theory and the paper of Poinsot and Pott, and we also compare previous definitions of bent functions with the definition of the bent function in the paper. As a conclusion, we give new theoretical definitions of bent, PN, APN ana maximum nonlinearity. Moreover, we show that bent and PN func...
A probabilistic multiple criteria sorting approach based on distance functions
ÇELİK, BİLGE; Karasakal, Esra; İyigün, Cem (2015-05-01)
In this paper, a new probabilistic distance based sorting (PDIS) method is developed for multiple criteria sorting problems. The distance to the ideal point is used as a criteria disaggregation function to determine the values of alternatives. These values are used to sort alternatives into the predefined classes. The method also calculates probabilities that each alternative belong to the predefined classes in order to handle alternative optimal solutions. It is applied to five data sets and its performanc...
Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation Algorithm for Systems with Parameter Change
Söken, Halil Ersin (2016-01-01)
This paper presents an autonomous multiple model (AMM) estimation algorithm for systems with sudden parameter changes. Estimates of a bank of Kalman filters (KFs) are merged based on a newly defined likelihood function. The function is composed of two measures, one for weighting the filters during the steady state mode and the other for weighting when there is a change in the parameters. Compared to the interacting multiple model (IMM) method, the KFs do not interact but compete on the basis of the likeliho...
Classification of function fields with class number three
BİLHAN, Mehpare; Buyruk, Dilek; Özbudak, Ferruh (2015-11-01)
We give the full list of all algebraic function fields over a finite field with class number three up to isomorphism. Our list consists of explicit equations of algebraic function fields which are mutually non-isomorphic over the full constant field.
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A. Duman, “Multiple criteria sorting methods based on support vector machines,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.