Modelling of spatially varied precipitation records over Karasu basin

Başbuğ, Zerrin


Modelling of Advective Transport and Biogeochemistry at a Shallow Hydrothermal Vent System
Bartlett, Stuart; Giovannelli, Donato; Yücel, Mustafa (2017-08-18)
Inthisworkwepresentthefirstinaseriesofmodelresultsaimedatelucidatingthecomplexcouplingsbetweenfluidflow,heattransport,advectivetransportofsolutes,andmicrobialmatgrowthatashallowhydrothermalvent.WeareprimarilyinterestedintheventsystemsofMilos,Greece,wherebiofilmcommunitiesarespatiallysegregatedintodistinctdomains,eachwithaverydifferentspeciescomposition[1].Thelocationsofthesedomainsvarystronglywiththesandbedtopography.Inparticular,therearesharpspeciescompositiondifferencesbetweenthewindwardsideand the leewar...
Modelling of IN 738 LC Alloy Mechanical Properties based on Microstructural Evolution Simulations for Different Heat Treatment Conditions
Boyraz, Mustafa Tarık; İmer, Muhsine Bilge (null; 2017-04-28)
Modelling of nitrogen removal in Ankara wastewater treatment plant
Kim, Eun-Ah; Gökçay, Celal F.; Department of Environmental Engineering (2002)
Nowadays environmental legislations in many countries have all imposed strict effluent quality standards for carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous for wastewater treatment plants. This in turn caused complicated design, operation and control of biological treatment systems. As a result, computer programs based on complex mathematical models are now developed for the simulation of such complicated systems. The influent wastewater characterization based on COD and Nitrogen fractionation became very important in de...
Modelling of ECBM recovery from Amasra Coalbed in Zonguldak Basin, Turkey
Sınayuç, Çağlar (2018-01-01)
Bartin-Amasra coal field was found convenient for enhanced coalbed methane (ECBM) recovery among the other fields in Zonguldak Coal Basin, Turkey. The lithologic information were examined and the depths of the coal seams and the locations of the wells were visualized to perform a reliable correlation between 63 coal layers existed in the area. The initial methane in place found in the coal layers both in free and adsorbed states were estimated using probabilistic simulations resulted in possible reserve (P1...
Modelling of Struvite Precipitation Experiments Conducted in Synthetic Solutions and Different Anaerobic Digester Effluents by Using the Geochemical Model PhreeqC
Morgenschweis, Christa; Yılmazel Tokel, Yasemin Dilşad; Mutlu, Gizem; Antakyalı, Demet; Steinmetz, Heidrun; Demirer, Goksel N (2010-04-22)
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Z. Başbuğ, “Modelling of spatially varied precipitation records over Karasu basin,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.