On the Representation of Finite Fields

Akleylek, Sedat
The representation of field elements has a great impact on the performance of the finite field arithmetic. In this thesis, we give modified version of redundant representation which works for any finite fields of arbitrary characteristics to design arithmetic circuits with small complexity. Using our modified redundant representation, we improve many of the complexity values. We then propose new representations as an alternative way to represent finite fields of characteristic two by using Charlier and Hermite polynomials. We show that multiplication in these representations can be achieved with subquadratic space complexity. Charlier and Hermite representations enable us to find binomial, trinomial or quadranomial irreducible polynomials which allows us faster modular reduction over binary fields when there is no desirable such low weight irreducible polynomial in other representations. These representations are very interesting for the NIST and SEC recommended binary fields GF(2^{283}) and GF(2^{571}) since there is no optimal normal basis (ONB) for the corresponding extensions. It is also shown that in some cases the proposed representations have better space complexity even if there exists an ONB for the corresponding extension.
Citation Formats
S. Akleylek, “On the Representation of Finite Fields,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2010.