Cruise missile mission rehearsal

Bircan, Gökhan
Cruise missile mission planning is a key activity of cruise missile operations. Ground planning activities aim at low observable missions that have high probability of success. These activities include end game planning, route planning and launch planning. While end game planning tries to optimize end game parameters for maximum effectiveness, route planning tries to maximize survivability and enable navigational supports by determining the waypoints to from launch zone to target through a defended area. And lastly, planner tries to find the appropriate launch parameters that will prohibit platform to contact enemy agents. Mission rehearsal is the execution of the planned mission in a virtual environment that will be constructed with the data that drives the planning process. Mission rehearsal will support planners by providing possible results of the planned mission. Stochastic processes of the execution of the planned mission will be incorporated in the simulation of the combat. Along with platform, cruise missile and target, other players like SAM Sites or Search Radars (Early Warning Radars) will be incorporated in the rehearsal process.
Citation Formats
G. Bircan, “Cruise missile mission rehearsal,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.