A study of brightwater injection efficiency on sector model using stars software

Pashayev, Nariman
Maintaining proper waterflood conformance is a critical component of waterflood management. Most methods used to control waterflood conformance have proven to be only marginally effective. A unique technique has been developed for creating a durable reservoir flow restriction that diverts injected water into unswept reservoir sections. Placement of the restriction is based in the location of the thermal front between the injector and producers. A thermally activated nano-sized particle system-BRIGHTWATER - was developed that gives us this restriction. A sector model of ACG field has been developed to study applicability of BRIGHTWATER injection in ACG field. A decrease in oil production and increase in water production were seen in wells after production started. The water cuts were high for South flank wells. From the simulation it was seen that there were unswept zones. So this new technology was decided to apply in this thesis work. Several runs were conducted to study effect of BRIGHTWATER concentration, crosslinker concentration, injection rate and pressure, injection temperature, injection times and injection well locations. Results are given in tables and figures and briefly discussed. Also the best and the worst cases are chosen from the results, and analyzed in detail. Finally, economical analysis is given. It has been observed that injecting the polymer in slug form is better than continuous injection. Injecting polymer in early times may give better results. Injection of polymer with 3 slug sizes between 6 month injection periods seems more beneficial. According to the simulation results optimum polymer injection temperature was 780 F. Good results were obtained when polymer was injected at 65000, 75000 and 85000 bbl/day injection rates. Oil recoveries obtained during simulation were in the range of 1.4% to 3.8 % which gives additional recovery of 11 to 31 MMSTB of oil. BRIGHTWATER injection has been found to be applicable to ACG field.
Citation Formats
N. Pashayev, “A study of brightwater injection efficiency on sector model using stars software,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.