Spatiality of gender oppression: thecase of Siteler, Altindağ

Önder, Emine Merve
This thesis problematizes to relationship between gender based poverty and exclusion and urban space. Five forms of oppression, namely exploitation, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, violence, marginalization, faced by women in highly patriarchal urban setting are examined to identify the spatial dynamics of each forms of oppression. A field research was carried out in one of the poor neighborhood of Ankara; nearby Siteler where male dominated furniture production is carried out. Through the in-depth interviews, women’s perception and experience of spatializedoppression is documented and used to develop the arguments put forward in the theoretical section.
Citation Formats
E. M. Önder, “Spatiality of gender oppression: thecase of Siteler, Altindağ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.