Conceptual design, testing and manufacturing of an industrial type electro-hydraulic vacuum sweeper

Şahin, Emre
In this thesis, conceptual design, testing, development and manufacturing processes of the cleaning (elevator and fan system) and electro-hydraulic systems of an industrial type vacuum sweeper are presented. Thesis is financially supported by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (Turkey) and Müsan A.Ş. (Makina Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.) under the SAN-TEZ projects with numbers 00028.STZ.2007-1 and 00623.STZ.2010-1. The main purpose is to make critical design changes on existing fan system, designing a new elevator system and eventually obtaining efficient and powerful cleaning system. For design, Catia and SolidWorks softwares are used. Within the SAN-TEZ project, all CFD solutions were provided by Punto Engineering. Unlike many industrial type vacuum sweepers, new design will be electrically and electro-hydraulic controlled. All cleaning system of new ‘MÜSAN Vacuum Sweeper’ will be activated by using hydraulic motors (traction system including hydraulic system is driven by the brushless DC electric motor as well) and the power of all these systems is supplied by batteries which are placed in the middle of the vehicle. Elevator and fan system can be considered as a group for a street sweeper for cleaning operations. Fan and elevator systems both gain an important place especially in cleaning operations due to lifting heavy and small particles from the ground. Fan system is used for sucking the small materials and dust by vacuum and elevator system is used to elevate heavier materials such stones, bottles, cans. Therefore, it is essential to design an efficient and powerful fan and elevator system for a street sweeper. The thesis work includes the design, development, supervision of manufacturing, simulation and testing of the cleaning (elevator and fan systems) and electro-hydraulic system of the street cleaners.
Citation Formats
E. Şahin, “Conceptual design, testing and manufacturing of an industrial type electro-hydraulic vacuum sweeper,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.