Facial soft tissue segmentation in mri using unlabeled

Rezaeitabar, Yousef
Segmentation of individual facial soft tissues has received relatively little attention in the literature due to the complicated structures of these tissues. There is a need to incorporate the prior information, which is usually in the form of atlases, in the segmentation process. In this thesis we performed several segmentation methods that take advantage of prior knowledge for facial soft tissue segmentation. An atlas based method and three expectation maximization – Markov random field (EM-MRF) based methods are tested for two dimensional (2D) segmentation of masseter muscle in the face. Atlas based method uses the manually labeled atlases as prior information. We implemented EM-MRF based method in different manners; without prior information, with prior information for initialization and with using labeled atlas as prior information. The differences between these methods and the influence of the prior information are discussed by comparing the results. Finally a new method based on EM-MRF is proposed in this study. In this method we aim to use prior information without performing manual segmentation, which is a very complicated and time consuming task. 10 MRI sets are used as experimental data in this study and leave-one-out technique is used to perform segmentation for all sets. The test data is modeled as a Markov Random Field where unlabeled training data, i.e., other 9 sets, are used as prior information. The model parameters are estimated by the Maximum Likelihood approach when the Expectation Maximization iterations are used to handle hidden labels. The performance of all segmentation methods are computed and compared to the manual segmented ground truth. Then we used the new 2D segmentation method for three dimensional (3D) segmentation of two masseter and two temporalis tissues in each data set and visualize the segmented tissue volumes.
Citation Formats
Y. Rezaeitabar, “Facial soft tissue segmentation in mri using unlabeled,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.