Benchmarking of xilkernel, freertos and µC/OS-II on the soft processor platform microblaze

Uğurel, Gökhan
In real time embedded systems, more and more developers are choosing the soft processor option to save money, power and area on their boards. Reconfigurability concept of the soft processor gives more options to the designer, also solving the problem of processor obsolescence. Another increasing trend is using real time operating systems (RTOSs) for microprocessors or microcontrollers. RTOSs help software developers to meet the critical deadlines of the real time environment with their deterministic and predictable behaviour. Providing service APIs and fast response times for task management, memory and interrupts; RTOSs decrease the development time of on going, and also future, projects of software developers. Comparing RTOSs on RTOS-specific benchmark criteria, called RTOS benchmarking in the literature, helps software developers to choose the appropriate RTOS for their requirements and provokes RTOS companies to strengthen their products on areas where they are weak. This study will compare three popular RTOSs on Xilinx’s soft processor platform MicroBlaze. Xilkernel, µ C/OS-II and FreeRTOS are selected among nine available RTOSs for MicroBlaze and are compared against critical RTOS benchmarking criteria, which are task preemption time, task preemption time under load, get/release semaphore time, pass/receive message time, get/release fixed sized dynamic memory time, UART RS-422 message interrupt serving time, RTOS initialization time and memory footprint data. Results are interpreted using architectural concepts of the RTOSs considered.
Citation Formats
G. Uğurel, “Benchmarking of xilkernel, freertos and µC/OS-II on the soft processor platform microblaze,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.