Geant4 based Monte Carlo simulation for carbon fragmentation in nuclear emulsion

Hosseini, Navid
The study is mainly focused on Monte Carlo simulation of carbon fragmentation in nuclear emulsion. The carbon ion is selected as a remarkable candidate for the cancer therapy usages due to its high efficiency in depositing majority of its energy in the narrow region which is called Bragg Peak. On the other hand, the main side effect of heavy-ion therapy is the radiation dose beyond the Bragg Peak which damages the healthy tissues. Therefore the use of heavy-ion in cancer therapy requires accurate understanding of ion-matter interactions which result in the production of secondary particles. A Geant4 based simulation of carbon fragmentation has been done considering 400 MeV/n carbon beam directed to the detector which is made of nuclear emulsion films, interleaved with lexan layers. Four different models in Geant4 are compared with recent real data. Among the four different models, Binary Cascade Model (BIC) shows a better agreement with real data.
Citation Formats
N. Hosseini, “Geant4 based Monte Carlo simulation for carbon fragmentation in nuclear emulsion,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.