Developing of system to evaluate safety of child seat and restraints system according to ECE R44

Çöl, Remzi
Great loads occur on human body in traffic accidents. Children body have less resistance to these loads. Child Restraint Systems (CRS) are the safety elements used in vehicles for children. In this study, the overturning and the dynamic test setups for CRS, have been designed and analysed according to United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation No 44 (ECE R44). After manufacturing of the test setups, four different types of CRSs sold in Turkish market have been selected to evaluate their performance according to ECE R44. Each seat has been used once for the tests. The tests have been performed and evaluated according to the performances of CRSs for the dynamic test head displacement limit criterion, the acceleration limit criterion, the abdominal penetration criterion and the overturning head displacement limit criterion. 11 overturning tests and 8 dynamic tests at the sled test facility available in METU-BILTIR Center Vehicle Safety Unit have been conducted. In the tests, P-series 3 years, 6 years and 10 years old child test dummies have been used. During the dynamic tests, 3-axial accelerometer, high-g high speed camera and data acquisition system are also used to gather the test data. 8 more dynamic test with unlocked vehicle safety belt which is improper usage and commonly encountered in real life. As the result of the tests, none of the CRSs succeed in the tests for child seats which are supposed to be used by 3-6 years old children according to ECE R 44 Group II.
Citation Formats
R. Çöl, “Developing of system to evaluate safety of child seat and restraints system according to ECE R44,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.