A Novel Method For 2-18 GHz Switched Multiplexer Design

Alıcıoğlu, Bülent
A novel topology is developed and used to design a switched multiplexer. In the new topology there are two noncontiguous switched multiplexer modules containing the channels 2-4 GHz, 6-8 GHz, 10-12 GHz and 14-16 GHz named as odd channels and 4-6 GHz, 8-10 GHz, 12-14 GHz and 16-18 GHz, named as even channels to improve isolation between adjacent channels. The input signal is split at input into the two multiplexer and the outputs of the multiplexers are combined by 2-18 GHz power dividers. The input and output multiplexers are combined through switch + Low Noise Amplifier + attenuator blocks which are also used for amplitude equalization. The input/output multiplexers are designed using a novel technique that transforms a contiguous manifold multiplexer into non-contiguous multiplexers with 2 GHz bandwidth to form guard bands between channels to improve isolation. The HP outputs of the channels are split by LP-HP diplexers with corner frequencies at the centers of the channels. Then only the LP outputs of these diplexers are fed to the output to form a non-contiguous multiplexers. The HP outputs of LP-HP diplexers are terminated in 50 ohms. The incorporation of LP-HP diplexer to form noncontiguous channels is a novel approach which avoids interaction of channels. The diplexers forming the switched multiplexer are designed using a novel approach which incorporate open circuited parallel coupled line as diplexing element. This structure acts as an integral part of the diplexer and contributes its performance. The LP-HP diplexers are designed and fabricated successfully in suspended stripline. The implemented LP-HP diplexers are then combined to form the even and odd channel multiplexers. The measured results of the individual diplexers are then combined with attenuator+Amplifier blocks to form the circuit model of the targeted switched multiplexer yielding successful performance. Thus, the design is complete and ready for the realization of a switched multiplexer. n.
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B. Alıcıoğlu, “A Novel Method For 2-18 GHz Switched Multiplexer Design,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2012.