Real Time Implementation of an Acoustic Radar on Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Arslan, Murat
Radar is a system which uses electromagnetic waves to determine the range, direction and velocity of objects. In this thesis, an Acoustic Radar system is designed and implemented. Acoustic Radar uses sound waves to localize objects. While such a system has several limitations compared to its electromagnetic counterpart, the simplicity and low cost of its front-end makes it a good testbed for realizing the functions of a radar system. In this thesis, a six element transmit-receive array is constructed using loudspeakers and microphones. Six channel A/D and D/A converter boards are integrated with an FPGA unit where all the processing for transmit and receive functions are implemented. Signal processing is composed of filtering, beamforming, cross correlation and decision processes. The hardware platform is controlled by a computer through an ethernet connection. A user interface is provided where the radar functions can be controlled and changed. The tests for the acoustic radar are performed in an uncontrolled laboratory environment where there are several objects which generate multipaths. It is shown that the system works consistently and can localize objects accurately.
Citation Formats
M. Arslan, “Real Time Implementation of an Acoustic Radar on Field Programmable Gate Arrays,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.