Development of phosphinotricin resistant transgenic tobacco plants by detoxification and overexpression approaches

Saydamlı, Başak Meltem


Development of salt resistant transgenic plants by using TaNHX1 and TaSTR genes
Kavas, Musa; Yücel, Ayşe Meral; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Department of Biology (2011)
Soil salinity negatively affects agricultural production in Turkey by decreasing the yield and quality. Direct introduction of stress related genes by genetic engineering is one of the most rapid approaches to develop stress tolerant crops. In this study, TaNHX1 gene was isolated from bread wheat and three different local wheat cultivars were transformed with overexpression vectors containing TaNHX1 gene by using Agrobacterium-mediated and particle bombardment gene transfer techniques. Immature embryo and i...
Development of recombinant vaccines composed of PlpE and OmpH from pasteurella multocida A:3
Okay, Sezer; Özcengiz, Gülay; Department of Biology (2011)
Pasteurella multocida serotype A:3 is a gram-negative bacterial pathogen which is one of the causative agents of shipping fever in cattle. In this study, ompH and two fragments of plpE gene (plpEN and plpEC) were cloned from the genomic DNA of P. multocida P-1062 (ATCC 15743, serotype A:3) and plpEN-ompH and plpEC-ompH fusions were constructed. In vitro expression of the genes was shown in HEK-293 cells. Later, full-length plpE gene was cloned and the recombinant proteins were expressed in E. coli and purif...
Development of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers in 150 F-6-inbred durum wheat (Triticum durum) lines derived from Kunduru-1149 x Cham-1 cross
Göçmen, Birşen; Kaya, Zeki (2003-01-01)
Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were developed in a specific durum wheat population (150 lines) derived from Kunduru-1149 x Chain-1 cross. Of 284 RAPD primers screened against parent DNAs, 83 revealed at least one polymorphic locus. The most polymorphic and clear bands producing 13 primers were selected and screened with the DNAs of 150 lines. These 13 primers revealed a total number of 33 segregating loci. The preliminary results of this study could be used as a base for mapping economicall...
Development of a new targeted liposomal delivery system of doxorubicin modified with lymphoma cell specific antibody
Dalgıç, Ali Deniz; Keskin, Dilek; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Department of Engineering Sciences (2014)
Three doxorubicin loaded drug carrier systems were prepared against Lymphoma diseases. The first approach was to target DXR loaded liposomal system by attaching cell specific antibodies. Non-internalizing anti-CD20 antibody was used to target Namalwa cells and internalizing anti-CD30 antibody was used to target B lymphoma cells. Targeted DXR loaded liposomes were prepared and their cytotoxicity against Lymphoma cells were compared with untargeted DXR loaded liposomes. The targeted liposome formulations were...
Ünal, Mustafa; Tankut, Aydın; Turan, Raşit (2018-07-04)
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B. M. Saydamlı, “Development of phosphinotricin resistant transgenic tobacco plants by detoxification and overexpression approaches,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.